Certified Mentor Coach

As your mentor coach, I will work with you to further enhance your coaching muscle by supporting you to:

  • Gain clarity on ICF coaching competencies
  • Build your strength and confidence
  • Have a more constructive and focused communication with your client
  • Take your coaching to a higher level of proficiency
  • Complete ACC or PCC requirement for credentialing
  • Complete ACC credential renewal requirements
  • Build competency to deal with client challenges
  • Enhance Discovery session skills
  • Create a focused coaching approach
  • And much more based on your individual needs

Mentor Coaching FAQs

What is Mentor Coaching?

As a coach, we experience many challenges during our coaching journey.  During our training, we learn many skills and techniques in the advance of our coaching career.  A mentor coach will further enhance your coaching muscle by supporting you to:

  1. Gain clarity on ICF coaching competencies
  2. Build your strength and confidence
  3. Have a more constructive and focused communication with your client
  4. Take your coaching to a higher level of proficiency
  5. Complete ACC or PCC requirement for credentialing
  6. Complete ACC credential renewal requirements
What are ICF Mentor Coaching requirements?

ICF defines mentor coaching as “an applicant being coached on their coaching skills rather than coaching on practice building, life balance, or other topics unrelated to the development of an applicant’s coaching skill.”

Coaches pursuing ICF coaching certification are required to complete ten (10) hours of mentor coaching with an ICF-certified coach.  Mentoring can consist of ten (10) one-to-one sessions or a combination of seven (7) group mentoring sessions and three (3) one-to-one sessions.  Mentoring for ICF credentialing must take place over a minimum of three (3) month time period.

As your mentor coach, I will specifically focus on your ability to coach based on the ICF Core Competencies, based on your training level. We will do this through coaching demonstrations, coaching practice, written and verbal feedback, skill-building, and debriefing on your recorded coaching sessions.

Prior to our time together, you will receive a self-assessment form to ensure your understanding of the ICF Core Competencies as well as the PCC assessment markers. This will enable you to evaluate your recorded session to ensure that it meets all or most of the markers.  During our time together, we will focus on one or two competencies in each session to enhance your capabilities in each area.

Should I hire a mentor coach for personal and professional skill enhancement?

Absolutely! Mentor Coaching focuses on bringing your coaching to a higher skill level.  This can be for your own professional growth as well as personal satisfaction.

As your mentor coach, we will work together to broaden your skill sets and deepen your coaching skills.  We will focus on different aspects of your coaching to enhance your communication and create better outcomes to include:

  • hone in on the real focus of the session
  • recognize limiting beliefs
  • communicate effectively
  • communicate directly and confidently
  • design action without dictating action
  • Use reflection and curiosity
  • Discuss situations concerning current clients

Even an experienced coach can gain valuable insight from the support of a mentor coach.

What is group mentoring for ICF Credentialing?

Group mentoring consists of small group settings focusing on the ICF Core Competencies.  During our sessions, we will discuss one or two of the competencies in each call.  We will focus the discussion on each of the PCC markers based on that competency, examining the meaning of the competency and well has how to utilize the competency to better serve and support your client.  Participants will have the opportunity to:

  • coach and to be coached
  • receive immediate feedback from your peers and mentor coach
  • develop confidence and competence
What is skill enhancement in group coaching?

Group mentoring for skill enhancement, while focusing on the competencies, also focuses on your honing your skills as a practicing coach.  This is a small group setting, with no more than ten (10) participants per group session.  In this format, participants can join in at any time for as many sessions as they desire.  Registration for each session will be capped at ten (10) participants with a minimum of 4 participants.

In the sessions, coaches will:

  • develop confidence and increase competence
  • enhance coaching skills through practice and feedback
  • discuss situations regarding current coaching clients
  • enhance ability to focus on goal-setting
  • develop skill in reflection and using curiosity
  • develop listening skills to avoid getting stuck in the story and the details
  • learn how to think critically about coaching situations
  • have support while developing coaching expertise
  • learn how to make observational, reflective statements

Registration for Mentor Coaching


Here are the four registration choices available for this program.




Mentor Coaching for ACC/PCC


Get Started if you:

• have participated in an ACSTH coach training program; 

• are planning to apply for ICF ACC credential: 

• are renewing your ICF-ACC credential or are applying for ICF-PCC credential

• would like to meet your credentialing deadlines at your convenience with flexible scheduling


Ten (10) hour mentor coaching over a minimum of three (3) month period of time to meet the International Coach

Federation for:

     ACC credential renewal

     ACC ACSTH path portfolio candidates

     PCC credential candidates


     Ten (10) one-hour mentor coach sessions focusing on your 30-40-minute recorded coaching session or live coaching conversation 

     Real-time learning

     Immediate feedback focusing on one to three ICF Core Competencies per session

     Email contact between sessions 

     Upon completion, attestation to confirm completion of ICF mentoring requirement

Mentor Coaching for Skill


Get Started if you:

• Have participated in coach training and would like to further build your coaching skills through practice and immediate feedback

• Have completed seven (7) hours of group mentoring and would like to register for one-to-one mentoring to complete ICF requirements


One to one personalized mentor sessions:

       Your goal for the session

       Honing in on areas of stretch 

       Deepen the knowledge gained in your coach training

       Discuss client challenges

       Increase your self-awareness and self-confidence

       Create a more focused coaching approach

       Enhance Discovery Session skills

       Overcome gaps in coaching conversations



Group Mentor Coaching Only 

Get Started if you:

• Have a completed a coach training program and would like to register for seven (7) hours group mentoring only 


• Seven (7) hours group mentoring focusing on ICF Core Competencies

• Immediate feedback on coaching skills

• Practice coaching sessions within the group

• Peer support and feedback

Group Mentoring and Individual Mentor Coaching Bundle


• Inclusive of all benefits of group mentoring

• Inclusive of all benefits of One-to-One Mentoring

• Email contact between sessions

• Access to private FB group