Coaching Packages


JourneyU – Free Coaching Chemistry Call

So why have a Chemistry Call?

This is our time - yours and mine - to determine if 

we are a good fit.  This 45-minute conversation is 

completely obligations at all!

During this time, I will learn what has brought you 

to coaching and your expected outcome and will 

also, explain to you what is and is not coaching.

While this is not a formal coaching session, I may 

ask you a few questions to ensure that our coach- 

ing partnership will be one that will serve you.

You are also welcome to ask me any questions

that  you may have about the coaching process.

I will share with you how I envision our coaching 

relationship and will also as how youenvision it 

as well. If we both determine that we are a good 

partnership, we can then discuss how we will 

move forward.

Trust the process. Trust the journey

JourneyU – 3 month Transformation Package

As we partner on this journey, we may:

  • focus on renewing or deleting any beliefs,
  • values
  • and expectations no longer serve you;

examine your present decision-making; 

process to unleash new and creative ways to

reach your goals;

recognize the self-talk that is draining you

and reintroduce you to an energized YOU;

uncover your inner strengths;

create a confidence-building toolkit;

replace any negative self-talk in new, 

creative, and sustainable ways;

And (this is the best part)...


As your coach, I will be your account-

ability facilitator, your deep-dive guide,  

your cheerleader, and your challenger.

Trust the process. Trust the journey.


1225 USD/ 4499 AED (one time payment)                                   

 210 USD/ 771 AED (6 payments fortnightly)

JourneyU Jumpstart

Many times in life, we are faced with decisions or 

challenges that we just need to talk through with

someone that we know will be an impartial, caring,

and compassionate listener.

This is exactly what this 55-minute session offers.

We can discuss your situation in a way that will 

focus on how to move forward to reach your 

desired solution.

Together we will work to identify the simplest 

path to  an action plan that will be specific 

and measurable.

This will be a laser-focused session to facilitate 

forward movement on the issue at hand.

Trust the process. Trust the journey.


237 USD/ 870 AED