How can we help you?


What is coaching?

Coaching is a means of developing a partnership between a professional and you that creates a shared understanding about what need to be achieved and how it is be achieved. The coach is focused on helping you (the individual) to unlock your own potential.

What is covered in Personal Development Coaching?

Personal Development Coaching covers a vast number of topics in your life. Some of the things you will tackle in your sessions include:

  • Acknowledging your personal responsibilities
  • Discovering your life’s purpose
  • Aligning your identity with your life’s purpose
  • Improving your self-awareness
  • Identifying your weaknesses and turning them into strengths
  • Growing your spiritual development
  • Increasing your earning potential
  • Improving your quality of life
  • Improving your health
  • Building your relationships
  • Taking action on your dreams and goals
  • Improve your communication skills
Who is a Recovery Coach?

A Recovery Coach is someone who is professionally trained and interested in promoting recovery by removing barriers and obstacles.  Recovery coaching is a strength-based, solution-focused partnership that focuses on all types of addictions, including substance and behavioral addictions as well as gaming, sex, food, .  The primary focus of a recovery coach is to be actively involved in the life of a recovering individual to recognize triggers and prevent relapse.

What is covered in Recovery Coaching?

Recovery coaching is a partnership. Together, we will focus on the following:

  • Overcoming obstacles, blocks and fears
  • Making healthier life changes
  • Setting achievable goals
  • Identifying triggers
  • Decluttering life and surroundings
  • Regaining independence
  • Recreating balance
  • Achieving financial security
  • Building sustainable and productive relationships
  • Making important life transitions
  • Examining the people, places and things in your life that may no longer serve you
  • Identifying your core values and passions
  • Improving communication skills
  • Conflict and anger management
Are you qualified to be a Transformative Personal Development and Recovery Coach?

Yes. I am qualified to be both a Transformative Personal Development and Recovery Coach. You can check out my credentials here.

How much do you charge?

You can find my coaching packages here.

If you cannot find what suits your needs, we can customize a package just for you during our Clarity Call. You can click here to book a free Clarity Call. 

What is Personal Development Coaching?

A Personal Development Coach will help you recognize your goals in life, find direction, and most of all, identify all the possibilities and potential that you have inside. As your Personal Development Coach, together we will focus on increasing self-awareness, examining your life goals, overcoming any personal challenges and re-discovering long-standing dreams and aspirations.

What is the difference between coaching and therapy?

The commonality of coaching and therapy is both deal with you, your life, your goals and your aspirations.  The difference is that coaching is very future-focused, starting with where you are now and partnering with you to identify your goals and recognize any obstacles that may stand in your way.  A person being coached has all the answers they need within them; the coach’s job is to facilitate the discovery of those answers by asking the right questions.

What is the purpose of Personal Development Coaching?

The purpose of Personal Development Coaching is to improve self-awareness, create an empowering identity, unleash potential, enhance quality of life, improve social status, address challenges and obstacles, and facilitate real and sustainable life changes

The purpose of Personal Development coaching is to help improve your self-awareness. You are able to create an empowering identity which comes from unleashing latent potential you have within you.

I am confused about where to begin, can you coach me?

Yes. Coaching is not limited to career as many people think. In coaching, we will partner together to bring balance to your emotional and mental state, work on your anxiety and lack of confidence that is crippling your social life, balance your work and life, talk and manage money and bring satisfaction in your relationships.

Is Recovery Coaching the same as Therapy?

No. Recovery coaching is not therapy. Recovery coaching is future-focused. As your recovery coach, I work with you to remove barriers to recovery. We do this by focusing on increasing motivation, identifying and creating a plan to reach goals.

What can I expect from the Recovery Coaching sessions?

As your coach, I will offer you the support, tools, techniques and guidance needed to follow the path of recovery that you have chosen for yourself.  This will include:

  • Creating an action plan
  • Directing you to the proper resources in your area
  • Helping you to navigate your transition
  • Providing accountability
  • Offering guidance in developing new behavior patterns
  • Supporting you to view your progress objectively
  • Assisting in harm reduction

I also offer support to those that are dealing with codependency and enabling tendencies.

What is the process to start working with you?

We will begin with a Clarity Call, where will we get to know each other, get an overview of your unique situation and discuss coaching packages.

If we are a good match, you will select a package that works for you and move forward with payment.

You will then select the available hours from my calendar so we kick start improving your life and move toward attaining your goals and aspirations.