My Journey

As your Personal Empowerment Facilitator and Recovery Coach, I will work with you to maximize your potential.

What does that mean exactly?

Let me share a bit about my continuing journey to wholeness to make sense of that statement.

Wouldn’t take nothing for my journey now
Maya Angelou

My Journey

Sometimes, when looking back at my life, I try to pinpoint that one moment when things changed and life became more ‘real’. The truth is that things are still changing and reality is only a momentary perception. The journey itself has been quite interesting, challenging, and rewarding, while simultaneously being flexuous, precarious, filled with unknowns or would rather not knows, sometimes blind to what was right in front of me, enabling, addictive behavior, emotional challenges disguised as love, anxiety or fear, mountains that at the time, seemed insurmountable. Whew, even writing all of this makes me… TIRED!

My life journey, thus far, has provided me with many learning experiences, some not as welcomed as others.  There have been times when “get back up and try again’ translated to “really…what about all that I have done already with the same result”.  My life motto, written by the amazing poet, memoirist, and Civil Rights activist, Dr. Maya Angelou: Wouldn’t Take Nothing for My Journey Now’ means that every bump, bruise, up, down, setup, and setback all brought me to this day.  My journey has equipped me with strength, compassion, understanding, empathy, and the unique ability to see myself and others through a lens of connection, support, and true unconditional positive regard.

A Journey with Franda provides a safe, rewarding partnership, focusing on your journey of success through growth, clarity, and specific goal-setting. I am passionate about supporting and partnering with you to unlock your potentials and uncover your possibilities.  Our journey together begins with one small step, a brief Clarity Call. Once we determine our fit, together we will partner to tap into your full and creative potential by creating a space for growth, self-reflection, sharing, and self-discovery.


Professional Certified Coach-International Coaching Federation (PCC-ICF)

Accredited Coach – European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC-EIA)

Senior Certified Professional Coach-Coach Transformation Academy (SCPC-CTA)

Certified Professional Recovery Coach (CPRC)

Member of Association of Coach Training Organizations

She Recovers Coach – She Recovers Foundation

Vice President ICF-UAE Chapter

Bachelor of Science in Respiratory Therapy and Healthcare Management (BSRT)

30 + Years Clinical Specialist- Respiratory Therapy

Coach Trainer- Coach Transformation Academy

Certified Executive Coach (CEC)

Certified Mentor Coach

ICF-PCC Assessor

Certified DEIJ Specialist