Phenomenal Speaks

Certified Professional Coach

Phenomenal Speaks is a platform for giving, sharing, learning, and connecting. The goal of Phenomenal Speaks is to give life to words, dreams, aspirations, potential, and possibilities.  Our voices come from all walks of life: multicultural, multigenerational, sisters and brothers in this wonderful world called Life.

Episode 1: With Kendra Newman – Part 1

In this episode, Kendra Newman, an Experiential Learning Lifestyle Facilitator, Coach, Author, and Podcast Host talks about her experience in this journey called life.

Episode 2: With Kendra Newman- Part 2

In this episode, our Phenomenal Voice is Kendra Newman. She is an Author of Lessons in Legacy: JMC Family Palmetto Society Blueprint, shares her inspiration in writing her book and gives tips on how to research your own family heritage story.

Episode 3: With Franda the Coach

In this episode, Franda Graves speaks about her inspiration for Phenomenal Speaks, her journey, and her transition from healthcare to coaching and travel consultancy.

Episode 4: With Anju Shahani
Episode 5: With Yvonne Rivers

In this episode, Anju Shahani tells her journey to be a Laughter Yoga Expert, Certified Life and Happiness Coach, and Human Connection Enthusiast.

In this episode, Yvonne Rivers, CEO of Phoebe Marketing Groups walks us through her journey as a Pitch Coach- from DC Shark Tank (before Shark Tank hit TV screens in the 90s) to Baby Hitch Tank reaching businesses around the world. Dive into the world of business from the lens of a marketer.