Why Train With Franda

Before becoming a CTA Coach Trainer, I was a CTA Coach Trainee. Through this journey, I learned the art of having a coaching conversation and dancing in the moment.  I learned that the client truly is the expert of their life and the owner of their outcome.  I learned what it means to partner and not lead. This awareness manifests not only in my coaching conversations but also in my every day interactions. I learned to respect others and honor their journey. I learned to listen to learn more not to give more. I learned that curiosity works and creates an arena for open dialogue.

The greatest benefit I got from being a Coach Trainee was how much I learned about myself and my abilities. I learned that my comfort zone was not a peaceful place, it was still resplendent with obstacles, barriers, and lots of negative self-talk.  There was no peace there. I was comfortable in my discomfort.

Coaching for me is much more than a career change. It has been life-changing and life-enhancing.  I am empowered to be me.  I am empowered to live a life of reality and not just wishful thinking. And best of all, I am empowered and honoured that through Coach Transformation Academy, I get to train others to become skilled, capable, and confident transformational coaches.

For either 16 or 30 weeks, together, as a cohort, we partner on a journey to:

  • Create self-awareness
  • Enhance feedback skills
  • Create a multicultural learning environment
  • Create opportunities to coach during the training and in Skill Builder
  • Focus first on self-reflection and transformation
  • Train using empowering subject matter
  • Teach foundational coaching skills
  • Powerful interactive Business Builder Module
  • Create a coaching toolkit
  • Understand and create Coaching Models
  • Enhance confidence
  • Communicate by asking not telling
  • Become better listeners and learn to ask the right questions
  • Learn how to blend coaching into everyday conversations

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