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Franda Graves

Certified Executive Coach, Certified Recovery Coach (specializing in both substance and behavioral addictions), an NLP Practitioner, Timeline Practitioner, Certified Mentor Coach, DEIJ Specialist, and the list goes on.

Who Am I?

Great question!

I am a coach that believes in action, not reaction. My clients want more than what they have today. They recognize that they are moving in a direction that is no longer serving them. I partner with clients that, instead of waiting to be stuck, recognize that forward movement, forward action is not happening. Stuck is coming! Why wait?

Metaphorically speaking, instead of waiting for the inevitable ‘stuck’, before stepping into the abyss, we work together to build a bridge, throw out a creative lifeline, or simply stop at the edge and create a new and resourceful journey to success.
A Journey with Franda means digging deep into your own resources, challenging that internal chatter, that conversation of “I should’ve, I would’ve, I could’ve”….how tiring is that?

So allow me to introduce myself.

I consider myself a person of inner strength and resilience. I am also a person that is introverted and a bit shy. My introversion sometimes requires me to spend time in introspection, in quiet reflective environments where I can think deeply and connect with my inner thoughts. I once saw introversion as a sign of weakness though now I know it helps me to see what is real, meaningful and authentic.

My shyness, on the other hand, is my superpower! Yes, my superpower! It is a part of my personality that I have learned to navigate. It is no longer the hindrance that it once was. It is now a powerful facet of my character that has helped me to develop strong listening skills and a deep sense of empathy.

These traits have given me the ability to tap into my inner strength when faced with challenges or adversity. I have learned to overcome my shyness in situations that demand it (even developing a stage presence as a motivational speaker), and my introversion enables me to approach problems with thoughtful and analytical mindset. I find my power in the ability to listen, observe and reflect deeply and connect with my clients at a deeper level.

As a Mental Resilience Facilitator, my passion is to empower my awesome clients to bounce back from adversity, face challenges, handle stress, adapt to change, build your mental strength and enhance overall well-being.

I work with you to:
  • Develop a Growth Mindset
  • Practice and Understand Self-Awareness
  • Recognize and Build Positive Relationships
  • Cultivate Optimism
  • Set Realistic Goals
  • Maintain Physical Health
  • Find Your Escape from the Drama Triangle
  • Learn from Adversity and Challenges
  • Maintain a Positive Perspective
  • Set and Maintain Realistic Boundaries
  • Develop Solution-Focused Skills
  • Become Comfortable with Being Uncomfortable
  • Place Stress Where it Belongs

And more…


"Your value and contributions as a coach do not need votes or awards. You have been rewarded and awarded with the very Divine Universe. You have stupendous delivery methodology in shaping so many people's lives. More and more power to you Coach."


"Franda is passionate about Coaching and coach training. She inspires excellence and commitment in others. She has a brilliant mind. Our first session was like we have known each other for long. Her kind and empathetic nature help to create space and trust for the client to open up knowing that you’re not judged. Franda stretched me in a loving and subtle approach and I can authentically say that I have achieved a lot because of her in my own coaching journey. If you’re looking for a breakthrough coaching session or a coach training online program, Franda is the person to contact. Her training programs are transformational and I am speaking from personal experience."

(P Kanu)

"You are a natural-born coach. I have benefited greatly from the conversations we have had over the years. Franda, I am still adding, subtracting, and rearranging seating assignments in MY THEATER. Thank you for teaching me how to do that!"

(M Malloy)

"I wanted to express my gratitude to you for putting in such a lot of effort in developing us not just as coaches but as a person. Through our interactions, I learned being authentic, creating boundaries, bringing empathy in the conversation, and creating a safe space for everyone to express themselves. It's been an absolute honor and a privilege to know you, learn from you and to be able to call you my teacher. I hope I can do justice to the title I hold: being your student."

(A Taylor)

"Franda is more than a coach. 
With Journey with Franda, she nurtured me to be a better version of myself, a journey and relationship that is alive and rewarding till that. Franda guided and nurtured resilience and forthrightness through deep coaching conversations that empowered me with tools to improve my productivity and career."

(Tunmise Kuku)

"Franda Graves is known as a Trainer, a Coach, a Mentor, a Friend, but she is way more than that. She takes a keen interest in one's personal development and is always available whenever one needs support. The best contribution to my life is that she made me "Trust the journey." Her value additions to my coaching skills and personal development have been enormous. It was a big privilege that I worked under her supervision in a team of facilitators learning the art of facilitation. Franda enhanced my management and creativity skills through this role. Her constant thrive of excellence in coaching is a beacon of inspiration. I strongly recommend her as a trainer and coach."

(Ali Imran Baig)

Certified DEIJ Specialist
Certified Executive Coach (CEC)
Certified Mentor Coach
Certified Professional Recovery Coach (CPRC)
Certified Virtual Facilitator
ICF PCC Assessor
NLP Practitioner
Senior Certified Professional Coach (SCPC)